Our Curriculum

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Montessori Method

“Montessori method takes self- learning as the basic foundation and focuses on children”

Concentrade on developing potentials without imposing adult’s thinking on the children, though observation giving suggestions and supporting the self-development of the child as they are born with self-studying ability. If the adult impose their ideas, give too much guidance, the children will lose their inherent pontencialy thinking . The environment for their self- experience and exploring, thus is needed for the children to do more and strengthen their self-learning.”

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Sunrise Program

In SMK, we approaches in early education will allow us to nurture our young with the different skills that they need for the future. We seek to help every child find his own talents, and grow and emerge from school confident of his abilities. We will encourage them to follow their passions, and promote a diversity of talents among them – in academic fields, and in sports and the arts.

Ho Chi Minh Branches

  • SMK Campus 1: Ground Floor Block D, Him Lam Riverside, D1 Street - Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Hung Ward, Dis 7, HCM City.
  • SMK Campus 2: Him Lam Riverside Residential Area, No 17 – 19, Street No 10, Captital. Tân Hưng Ward, Dis 7, HCM City.
  • SMK Campus 3: 6B Intresco Residential Area, No 32 - 34, Street No 4, Binh Hung Ward, Dis Binh Chanh, HCM City
  • SMK Campus 4: No 48, Street No 7, Tran Thi Nghi, Cityland Center Hil, Ward | No 7, Dis Go Vap, HCM City.
  • SMK Campus 5: No 37, Dong Ho Street, Ward No 8, Tan Binh Dis, HCM City.
  • SMK Campus 9:D1 Street, An Khanh Residential Area , Binh An Ward, Dis 2, HCM City

Ha Noi Branches

  • SMK Campus 6: No 52, Hoang Nhu Tiep Street, Long Bien Dis, Hanoi Capital.
  • SMK Campus 8: No 22/4, Ke Tanh Street, Giang Bien Ward, Long Bien Dis, Hanoi Capital.